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1. Company Background

Chairman: Albert Lai
Vice Chairman: Joseph Donahue

ASM established in 1981 which founded by Dr. Albert Lai and partners. Asia System Media, Inc (ASM) was best known as the publisher of the YPPA Gold Award-winning Chinese Yellow Pages serving North America. appleThe publications annual circulation have reached almost every household and business in North American Chinese communities. Dr. Lai has been served as Chairman of Board of Directors of Asia System Media,Inc. from 1981 until his retirement in 2002 which Dr. Lai has passed his interest to other partners. Asian Business Directory and The Official Olympic Guide to Los Angeles (Chinese version, 1984) were two more important publications that demonstrated the depth of ASMs commitment and involvement with Chinese communities in North U.S.

In International market, particularly focus on China mainland, Dr. Lai has expanded his company in China, which in 1981 Asia System Media (China) Inc was established, and later on the company name became ASM Overseas Corporation. This company has published in
The Official Guide to American Business & Industry, a guide that introduced 2,000 of the largest American companies to a Chinese business elite group. The project was sanctioned by the Chinese government. Over 100,000 copies were printed and distributed. This project was considered as one of first U.S.- China joint ventures in publishing industry.

ASM and Asian Language Services--Bridge over the Pacific Water

In addition to being a publisher, ASM Group also provided professional language services in major Asian languages (such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean) through its subsidiary Maytai Company. As one of the first Asian language service providers in the United States, Maytai Company has specialized in Asian language and culture services for over 20 years. We are proud to claim many of the Fortune 500 Companies and government agencies as our clients.

ASM and China:

ASM has over 18 years experience in China's Service Industry and employs over 30 people in its offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei.

Some of our past and current projects are:

Present Projects (partial) :

Listed here are some projects ASM Overseas undertaking currently. Based on our China experience of 18 years in service industry, we are very proud of these on-going projects. You are welcome to take a good look of these sites and programs. If you are interested in any of our programs and like to know more about them or like to get involved as a partner or investor, you are most welcome. Please contact us.

Internet in China - In 1995, ASM Overseas published this award-winning web site in English, Chinese and Korean. Today, the site introduces China to the world and at the same time, the world to China. ASM Overseas also provided various business and travel services through the Internet. ASM was one of the first few foreign companies that started Internet operation in China. Over 8 years in internet business, Our web operation have expanded from a single site to many sites covering several areas of China Business where foreign visitors and businessmen are interested in.

Some of our sites today are listed in this below:

  • - A general portal that provides information about doing business in China and other services to foreigners who are interested in visiting or doing business with China.
  • - A web site that provides information and service to over 1-1/2 million expatriates living in China. This is also very interesting to people who wished to one day expatriate to China.
  • - A website specially designed to business leaders of any industry. This is a site for both local and foreign companies where they can buy and sell their products. This website also feature updated trade shows and events in China all year round.
  • - Provide foreign tourists and business visitors with useful and hard to find information and services. An on-line travel agency with off-line follow ups.
  • - Partnering with international flower relay delivery networks such as Pedals, Teleflora, FTD and other regional networks and independent florists, we represent a network of over 700 on-line and off-line flower shops from all over China. Taiwan, Japan and other countries in the Asian region as their one-stop international distribution and delivery center.
  • - Online friendship store specializing in Chinese goods and services for people living outside of China.
  • - With a total of 1.3 Billion population and over 300 million interested in learning the English language, schools and institutions in China needs many English teachers. This website provides vast opportunities for native English speakers to learn and earn while having fun in China. Our program includes Teaching, Internship, Retiree, Homestay, Sabbatical and Go Abroad, etc.
  • - This is the ONLY foreign-operated Limousine and business transportation service in China today. Here you can find stretched Mercedes, Cadillac and private jets. We can also provide escorts that speak your langauge at your request.
  • - You will find the most updated Chinese and foreign government information on this site. Also seen are information on traveling, studying, living and working in China. This site also provides information for Chinese nationals to know more about other countries, their cultural and business opportunities and environments.
  • (Chinese Language site) Provide information and service to Chinese nationals on opportunities to get involved and exchange information and ideas with foreign companies and institutions inside and out side of China.
  • Chinese CEOs Advanced Training Program - With sanction from the Chinas Central Government, we have worked closely with all levels of both the central and local government institutions during these 16 years of operation, and have trained over 7,000 private local business leaders and government officials to advance in their profession . They came from every province in China and the training took place in the United States, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and Europe. ASM Overseas Corporation also help delegations to participate in trade shows, conferences, and other business activities such as management training and personnel exchanges.
  • Business Delegations to China - Since late 1980s ASM Overseas has helped thousand of foreign companies and individual businessmen to visit China. The main objective of these visits includes trade shows, conferences, or private fact-finding business tours and meetings.
Past Projects (samples) :
  • Korean Business Delegations to China during the 1980s - During the 1980s, we assisted more than 500 Korean businessmen to visit China through a special arrangement with the highest Chinese government office, when such visit was politically sensitive and most of time nearly impossible.
  • KBSs Visit to China in 1988 - Through ASMs assistance, the solely government-owned Korea Broadcasting Service in South Korea successfully completed a series of TV documentaries in China. This was an unprecedented event and a milestone in the cultural exchange history between China and South Korea. This event quietly took place during the two week Olympics Game that was staged in Seoul, Korea in the summer of 1988.
  • Deng Xiaoping Pictorial (1989) - Deng Xiaoping is dead. Long live Deng Xiaoping. ASM Overseas successfully introduced the book that vividly portraits a driving force behind many of Chinas recent changes to South Korea. And it was done at a time when importing publications from socialist countries was strictly prohibited in South Korea. ASM Overseas also assisted in distribution of the book in other languages (Japanese, English, German, and Chinese Overseas).
  • TTI-Ford Motor/Automobile Technical Training Localization - Automobile is one of the most rapidly expanding industries in China. We have assisted Michigan-based Technical Training Inc. to localize Ford and other large auto makers to localize their services and training programs, a key process to capture the Chinese market.
  • ABIC / APEC-NBBJ Building Material, Architecture Design Consulting - We have, and still are, helping American and other foreign companies market their quality products and services to China. China is one of the fastest growing industry in the world today, after its accession to the WTO.
2. ASM Services

With combined strength in the media and consulting areas, both in North America and China, ASM is offering varieties range of service to you in order to fulfill your need and want. Following are the examples of what we can do for you. Better yet, just ask us and let us settle your problem!

For Chinese companies in China:
  • Business Delegations, Trade Shows, Trade Missions etc.,
    During the past 8 years, ASM has helped hundreds of Chinese government agencies and organizations to set up trade shows, trade missions and business talks with their western counterparts. Come and obtain skills and visions that will help you improve your and your companys performance. We also organize delegations to Japan, Korea and Europe. Please contact our Beijing office directly for details.
  • Advertising on the Internet
    If your customers do not know you, then you do not exist. To be or not to be--on the Internet--thats the question you should ask yourself. Internet advertising is the perfect approach to publish your company or organization with a limited budget. For advertisement and pricing information, please contact us.

For Non-Chinese Companies interested in China or already in China:

  • ASM Business Rolodex
    If you are interested to explore business opportunities in China, we will put you in touch with Chinese business delegates who are visiting. Leave your company name and description along with contact information to us, we will put you in our business database. Oh, yes, indeed China could be in your backyard and you do not have to dig very hard.
  • Business Delegation to China
    So a picture is worth a thousand words. Then even more so is a presence in person, a firm handshake that seals a deal or starts an exciting business relationship. When it comes to business, Chinese is really a people, and ASM just knows the right people.
  • Set up representative office, find joint venture partners or establish a subsidiary
    If you have ever wondered and got lost in the "hutong" (small alleys in Beijing) or "longtang" (the counterpart in Shanghai), you would better understand the intricacies of doing business in China. We do not claim to have the treasure map, but we'll be a pretty good guide because we have gone through the same growing pains --and gains. With ASM, you will be on the right track!
  • Customized market research and studies
    Test the water before you plunge in. In China it is easy to make a big splash, but can you make the trophy catch? ASM can save you a bundle. Avoid the mistakes walking in the dark all by yourself!
  • Develop marketing strategies, turn-key operation
    We will figure out the nuts and bolts of every important phases of your operations in China.
  • Import and Export
    So you have a wonderful product you are dying to market overseas? Or you are desperate looking for a particular product? Let us know, we can help. We will either directly match you to proper buyers or sellers, or broadcast your information to dozens of trade associations and private companies in China.
  • Localize Company Literature
    Do you speak your customers language? Particularly, do you speak the language one fourth of the world population do? We can localize your product and service literature via the Internet or conventional media. Please contact us
    for details.
  • Hotel Reservation and Other Travel Related Services
    ASM provides hotel reservation free of charge to our website visitors and readers. Through our partnership with hundreds of fine hotels all over China, we are able to offer you best discounts available. ASM also provides domestic air tickets, airport pick up and drop off service, day-trip, package tours, as well as private limousine and translation/interpretation services. Please contact us for details.
Address: Jian Wai SOHO, Building 11, 2805, Chaoyang District,
Beijing, China 100022
TEL: +86-(0)10-5166 1575, +86-(0)10-5869 9359
FAX: +86-(0)10- 5900 2947