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Since its establishment in 1974, Maytai has been specializing in translation and typesetting. Our translators are highly qualified, not only as linguistic communicators, but specialists and professionals in the fields they are working on.

With computerized control system, Maytai is able to provide services in word processing and typesetting in major Asian languages including both simplified and traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai and Cambodian for your product and service brochures, catalogs, posters, signs, labels, business cards, manuals, etc. We can also help you replicate them in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc. Contact us for more information.

Our past and present clients include: General Electric, Ford Motors, Hughes, McDonnell Douglas, ARCO, AT&T, Bank of America, 20th Century Fox, Deutsch Corp., UCLA, National Football League, Puritan Bennett Corp., Southern California Gas Company, The J. Paul Getty Trust, Western Digital, Micron Electronics, Edison, US Department of Health, US Department of Agriculture and many other well recognized names.

Font samples are available upon request. Your are welcomed to address your inquiries about the service you need and pricing to Jane.

Sample service information:

How to order

Send a copy of your material by mail or fax so that we can best match the style and position to be typeset. We will then send a written price quote with estimated time we need to you. When you send back the signed quote sheet, we will begin to translate or typeset your material.

For brochures and manuals, quotations are determined by character and word count conversions as well as the technical content and complexity of the layout.

First time customers are always billed C.O.D. Resale customers must send us a completed resale card, otherwise job is taxed if applicable. Invoices are sent with all jobs.

Jobs--laser printouts--are normally sent by regular UPS or Federal Express. Jobs are put into corrugated boxes in regular UPS shipments. The shipping cost is $4.00 for regular shipping and $5.00 extra for C.O.D. charge. Federal Express shipping is charged to customer's account. For Federal Express C.O.D. shipping, the C.O.D charge and Federal Express shipping is charged to our account and added onto customer's bill.

Business Cards


  • The Asian language is usually printed on the reverse side of your regular English language card.
  • To make the best impression, the Asian side should not be less impressive than the English side in terms of color, logo, etc.
  • Translation of addresses is not useful for any practical purpose other than to help the reader pronounce your street, city or state.
  • Business cards should be presented with decorum, usually with both hands, position the card so that it is in the reading position to the receiver.


  • If the card holder's name has ethnic ties to the language being translated into, the person should provide his or her complete name in that language, or it will be translated phonetically.
  • If you feel your name is prone to being mispronounced, you might add a phonetic spelling so that the translator can achieve the best translation.
  • If any previous version of business card in that particular language is available, it should be provided for use of existing information.
  • Maytai translates and typesets to camera ready art for your printer. But if you don't have a current printer, we can also help you do the printing for business cards.

Brochures, manuals:

There is an old saying that "A picture is worth ten thousand words." Your brochures, catalogs and fliers are like a picture of your business and its products or services. Although most of the brochures we do are fairly straight forward, some are rather technical. At Maytai, we know the importance of assigning just the right translator to the project.

Most brochures we do were printed in English originally and are now to be converted to another language. We will translate and typeset the new language to fit into the proper position so that your printer can simply remove the English word and replace with the new language without the need to understand the language himself.

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