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Business China - Chinese Companies

ASM Overseas Corporation is authorized to represent the following well-established Chinese companies online. You can browse for basic information about a particular company or its products. You can aslo send us your inquiries or order product samples through our trade representative stationed in our Beijing office who is in timely contact with our clients.

The companies are listed by alphabetical order of their geographical location. Alternatively, if you want to search by products, please go to the product page or try the search function for any related information.

Anhui Province

  • Anhui Gujing (Group) Co. Ltd.
  • Ante Group Produces superfine alcohol, DDGS, wine, spirits and reagents, corn oil, starch, liquid sugar and other food items derived from corns.
  • China Anhui Shuanglun Holdings Co. Ltd.


Gansu Province

Guangdong (Canton) Province

Guangxi Zhuang Nationality Autonomous Region

Guizhou Province

Hebei Province

Heilongjiang Province

Henan Province

Hubei Province

Hunan Province

Inner Mongolia

Jiangsu Province

Jilin Province

Liaoning Province

Qinghai Province

Shandong Province

Shaanxi Province

Shanxi Province

Sichuan Province



Yunnan Province

Zhejiang Province

E-mail our trade representative at Booking@ with your questions and requests. We're here for YOU. In your e-mail please specify the name of the company you are interested in.