> In the Land of Confucian -- Foreigners in China

In the Land of Confucian -- Foreigners in China

Since October 1996, we have invited people who have traveled to China or worked in China to share their experiences in China. So far, we have accumulated close to 70 articles, covering diverse topics such as using the bathroom, crossing the street, bicycle adventures, teaching English, Karaoke, or the China seen from a German youngster's eyes. Some of the contributers went to China without knowing one Chinese phrase, some could speak fluent Chinese. Some stayed for only a few days, some worked and lived in China for several years.

You can also read on relevant topics about how it is like to be an expatriate in China. Please visit our website, the to know more. You can find relevant topics about shopping, eating out, getting a job and much much more; everything you wanted to know on how to survive living, travelling or working in China.

Whether you are a old China hand, or are a newbie, or an armchair traveler, we are sure you will get a lot of information, entertainment and surprise when you read these travel journals written by people who each had his or her love and hate feelings about China.

The latest addition in this column will be Carla King's motorcycle adventure from Beijing to Burma. A veteran woman road warrior and high-tech writer, Carla has traveled much of western Europe, a little in the Caribbean, and bicycled for three months through five West African countries. She has contributed to many newspapers and magazines as a travel journalist, and also written a guidebook, Cycling the Riviera, which describes day trips between the French Riviera and the Alps.

In 1995 Carla went on a 4-month solo backroads odyssey of the United States on her Siberian sidecar motorcycle. This engaging story, American Borders, was sent in weekly installments while she was on the road. The story was originally published on the GNN Travel Center, now hosted at Jaunt, Verbum's avant travel zone, a site featuring "Internet travelogues" by writers who netcast their experiences from the road. Over 200,000 people have enjoyed this story since then.

In 1997 Carla made her first appearance at this web site, Chinese Business World, when she went to China to make preparations for this coming trip. (Read article "Do you like side cars?" for more information.) It is our great pleasure to be one of the sponsors of the trip.

Carla is leaving for China this weekend. From all of us at ASM Group, we wish her an exciting journey!

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