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Welcome to Expats In China

Notice to all foreigners who are living in Beijing, China!!!

Beijing Olympic Games was over, but Paralympics Games are coming soon which the opening ceremony will be on Sept, 6th 2008, so all the foreigners still need to bring your photocopy passport/original whenever you go. Please take care your safety no matter you are in office, in your flat, in restaurant, etc. Thank You and Have a nice day.

English Speakers Club

To facilitate expats' life in China and also to promote inter-cultural relationships with others national in China, ExpatsInChina has created the ExpatsClub. Membership is FREE of charge so you donot need to worry about it! As ExpatClub member, you will be receive exclusive insights which related to China, discounts on partner products/services and also the possibility of having your personal web site promoted. How to join? Find out more here!

Expats Gallery

Life in China and Getting Oriented

ExpatsInChina welkonwn expats' feeling, and it is not easy being a new expat in China, which you must quickly adapt to Chinese cultures, and the law. Just take a look at this website, then you will have some knowledge about China and the cultures.

Life in China and Getting Oriented are thus geared towards both the new and old expats out there. We hope they will be a helpful resource for both expat species!

Places to go

Donot know which museums, temples or mosques to visit and which seasonal and shopping spots to be at? What about escaping city life and just laying back and closing your eyes? Well, ExpatsinChina has 3 recommendations for you! Come in and take a look!

Culture and Arts

When you are living in China, there are a lot of Chinese culture which you can find out, study, and adapt them. Adaptation was the best way for foreigners who are living and working in China. When you have adapted to Chinese culture, it will easier for you to socialize with local people, and it will make you feel like your own home. ExpatsInChina has composed a list of various cultural activities that you might interest in culture and arts, such as a bookworm, museum visitor, movie-buff, music freak, a tea house fanatic. Please refer to our Culture and Arts section!

Useful Infos

ExpatsInChina has set up an important information base for all the expats out there with problems in various areas. So if you're asking yourself where to find a particular embassy, which lawyers to contact, how to move to a different apartment or city, who to contact for travelling issues etc., we got all the useful infos right here!