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Business Opportunities in China

When Chinese has joined WTO, the winner of Olympic Games 2008 bids, and World Expo 2010 as well; alot of local and foreign companies are itching to expand their business into China, which China has huge market share. Either they are looking for foreign business partners to expand their business operation in the Mainland, or the foreign companies are wanting to enter the China market. In this situation. Our company has provided advertisement service for foreign and local companies who are wanting to advertise their business. Your advertisement will be advertise in our website. We are highly pleasure and highly welcome if local and foreign companies are willing to use our services. Our service included help you to look for business/ joint venture partners who are wishing to expand operation in China, Invitation to Bids, and help you to seek for co-developers, funds, or any form of investment, etc.
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Seeking funds/investment
China Satcom
China Satcom is a comprehensive Scientific & Technical magazine for executives engineering managers and others professionals in Chinese satcom TV & broadcasting industry, It is published by Interstellar(H.K), Information service Co., which has close relationship with the Chinese Users Associations of Satellite Communication & Broadcast Television (CUA-SCBC).

CNA-SCBC, it is the only organization in China that represented the users of satellite communication and broadcasting television in China. It was some 300 members account for more than 90% business organizations in satellite communication and satellite television area. In the past six years since its incept.

CUA-SCBC has been serving its members with the objective to provide a platform for members to share information and experiences in their satellite applications.

CUA-SCBC has organized various exhibitions, seminars, technology exchanges, discussions on selected subjects, products introductions and expert consultation and evaluation etc.. CUA-SCBC has gained the favorable approval from many Satcom users, companies, research organizations and governments. The objective of China Satcom is to serve whole heatedly to the readers and advertisers. It provides for decision makers, marketing managers scientific & Technical personal information about newest technology product, policy & management China, which Satcom is already one of the most influential trade publication in China. It has circulated more than 30 thousands copies. Among its readers, 20% are Ministries (government), 20% satellite operating companies, 20% TV & broadcasting, 15% manufactures and vendors, 10% universities, and research institutes, 10% foreign companies and their agencies, and 5% for the rest. Since Satcom was the first publication, it has never stopped soliciting its reader's advice and suggestions, which has made it possible to improve its quality.

Thanks to the work of many professionals who have been long devoting their enthusiasm and energy to promote satellite communication; this magazine has been made better and better in both appearance and contents, it has indeed become the media of China Satellite Communication.

Publishing time and content

Volume Publish Date Content
V01/02 02/15/2002 Satellite DBS
V02/02 04/15/2002 Satellite Broadband Multimedia
V03/02 05/15/2002 IP Satellite Access
V04/02 06/15/2002 Integration and Networking of Satellite System
V05/02 07/15/2002 TV Broadcasting of Village and Remote Area
V06/02 08/15/2002 Satellite Remote Education & Medicine
V07/02 09/15/2002 Satellite Antenna and terminal
V08/02 10/15/2002 3G Communications System & Related Technologies
V09/02 11/15/2002 Satellite Applications of Finance System
V10/02 12/15/2002 Satellite Applications of Weather , Remote Sensing

Seeking Partnerships
China Flower Center
China Flower Center has delivered flowers and gifts to China and the rest of the Asian region. Looking for partnership with significant and independent florist worldwide, which have delivered to Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Korea and Japan.
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China Education Exchange
China Education exchange is currently looking for partners and representatives (campus representative, community representative, etc) abroad who can help us to get qualified ESL teachers for teaching positions in China. We have several program options, and for any successful applications, we will give commisions. China Education Exchange is also offerring vast opportunities for ESL teaching, internships in local and multi-national companies, Summer program, Sabbatical and Retiree Programs and Home-Stay programs. In the same light, for Universities in Native English speaking countries, please encourage your qualified students to apply it. We are also seeking partnership with ESL Training Centers in China.
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Seeking Joint Venture Partnership or Franchise Opportunities with USA or Chinese Schools
USA School Seeking Chinese Foreign Partner:

Foreign franchise language school, seeking for joint venture partnership with Chinese schools in China. This will create a modern environment by injecting English as a second language course in your institution. We have more than 20 years of educational experience in the field of language, creative arts and modern communication.
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Chinese Schools Seeking Foreign Schools for Program Partnership:
A Chinese school, wishing to add to its curriculum, ESL Programs to its students, seek foreign, preferably American School to collaborate with us. We want to expand throughout China and we have the facility to make this a big success here in China.
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Seeking Foreign Publishers of English as a Second Language books
We are a Chinese company, seeking foreign publishers to publish and sell ESL books in China.
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Volunteers Wanted
China Education Exchange, a non-profit educational organization is looking for volunteers for their and websites as freelance article writer. If you are good at web-research, web-authoring and web-management, and wants to learn about the Chinese business environment, this might be the job for you. As credit to your contribution, we will post your picture on our site.
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