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Nurture the mind and nurture the soul.

ASM (Asia System Media) Group has been a leader in training programs between China and the United States since 1986. We have organized training for more than 7,000 executives and government officials over this time.

Since 1996 we have received numerous inquiries through our Chinese Business World and Expats in China web sites from people all over the world asking about teaching English in China. We are impressed by the enthusiasm they have shown an interested on teaching English in China. To fulfil such needs, we first created the Teaching English in China program. But recently the demand has grown so much that we needed to do more to accommodate the numerous requests from both teachers and schools. So, we created the Teacher Link English Teacher online database.

Teacher Link/ESL Job Posting

We have some basic reading material to prepare people who are planning to teach English in China. This site lists reference material which describes the general working conditions, compensation, procedures, and other relevant issues to prospective English teachers. You can read articles written by ESL teachers who have taught in China. If you are serious about committing to a teaching position in China, we recommend that you post your profile on Teacher Link or please click here to email us. It is an easy way for hundreds of prospective schools to see your individual requirements and credentials. We will market you to the schools which best fit your requirements based on your information you have provided. This is a free service brought to you by Chinese Business World and Expats in China.

Training Program

This recommended but not required program is held in collaboration with Ladder Group, a U.S. and Taiwan based language training program very well respected in China. It will take place in Beijing and last for five days. It includes courses on how to teach English as a second language to Chinese speakers, orientation on how to work and live in China as foreign teachers, lectures on Chinese culture and customs. This 5-day training program will also include a sightseing tour for the foreign teachers in the city of Beijing, including some local activities.

The cost of the training program is $850 including training tuition, room and board, transportation within Beijing. This training program is recommended to all applicants unless you have had previous ESL teaching experience in China. It is partially refundable with advanced cancellation. Please contact us for more information.

Thank you for your interest in ASM's teaching program, now please read on by selecting from the menu at the bottom!